New Work: 2018-

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                                                                                                  2018 -
    The quest for eternal life once the product of  Archaic Texts written by Priests, Magicians and Alchemists was a product of Religions, Grimoires, Grail Myth,  the Philosophers Stone and creation of the Homunculus: Modern concepts rely on Evolution and Bio-Science.  First Stated in Ancient Alien Theory and  Si-Fi  natural Evolution has reached it’s peak and will advance only through A.I. and Transhumanism. Religion and resurrection replaced by a Technological Messiah
    Every object living or non  could achieve a some state of life:  physical forms could be manipulated through the combinations of phenotype and genome. A appliance could have human qualities  a human would be mechanically enhanced.  Earth lifeforms will become an edited  kit: a Chimera , immortally  achieved through  continuously re-proccessing birth by assembly. Sexual reproduction  obsolete  and surplus substandard population disposed of: Life Extension will only be available to the privileged elite.                                                                                                                                                                                                              The Search for E.T.s by the application of Fermi’s paradox, the Drake equation and Moore’s law  has yielded limited results: Civilizations advance themselves to the point of self destruction                                                                                                                                                                                                                      With the 5G Network Smart Cities will arise with a  database of the populace’s Genetics, psychical traits thoughts and actions: an all pervading Youtubepia

Influences and Process 

    Select drawing papers are adhered to Ampersand staged board. images are rendered in various hard stick mediums in conjunction with  draftsman  tools. The finished result permanently sealed with  matte acrylic  and can be displayed, unframed as is.

   Imagery is a resulting merger of Alchemical Charts, Medieval imagery, Biblical Revelations, Paganism, Mysticism to U.F.Os, Popular Culture, Quantum concepts and Technology. Figurative content a mixture  of the sublime to dark humor and goofiness .