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8th Ring Studio

[ Formally: A Soft Apocalypse ]

Howard B. Johnson Jr.


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I Am Barbie, Destroyer oF Worlds. 18"x24"x.75" Elements of Hindu Mahabharata: Parody of Barbie as Kali arising from a pink Atomic Cloud . There is a bit of prophecy in releasing the Barbie and Oppenheimer Movie simultaneously [Barbenheimer] you have a choice between the dark world or the pink. The blue high heel or the Birkenstock dual realities which has seen as having elements of the Matrix series.  Prismacolor, various hard stick media, ink, Neo-Color Crayons on Pastel Paper mounted on Ampersand Staged Board. 

  Raw Vision: international Publication on Outsider, Folk and Esoteriic Art #109. Watch for this issue  i have been interviewed with a group of others about our experiences with UFOs, extraterrestrials, out worldly encounters and how they influenced our concepts in art. Also included my relationship with friend visionary artist Paul laffoley [1935- 2015] Michael Bonesteel Author. 

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Dante's Inferno: Geryon leading Virgil to The 8th Ring of Hell by Gustave Dore'

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New Trans-Human Series

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