Raw Vision: international Publication on Outsider, Folk and Esoteriic Art #109. Watch for this issue  i have been interviewed with a group of others about our experiences with UFOs, extraterrestrials, out worldly encounters and how they influenced our concepts in art. Also included my relationship with friend visionary artist Paul laffoley [1935- 2015] Michael Bonesteel Author. www.rawvision.com 

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  Schrodinger's Fortune Cookie  2022-23 : 20"x 24"x 1.5" Under drawing and collage  for new Multi - Metaverse  Series : The Matricks . Mediums: ancient comuter punch cards, Pastel Paper, Dot Matrix, Biological, Algorithm  Charts and text mounted on Ampersand Stage Board. Color to be added and composition will change 

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Schrodingers Fortune Cookie [Is there a Future or not ?] 2022-23, 20"x24" x 1.5". From  new Multi-Metaverse Collage series The Matricks  where Technology becomes the Temple, Religion and Messiah. Mediums: Ancient Computer Punch Cards, Dot Matrix paper with perforations to give the effect of a printed Universe, Pastel Paper, various Technical Text: Biological, Algorithm script , hard stick medium, ink, Neo-Color Crayons mounted on Ampersand Staged Board. Will open a separate page with Statement when more works are finished

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New Trans-Human Series

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Dante's Inferno: Geryon leading Virgil to The 8th Ring of Hell by Gustave Dore'


8th Ring Studio

[ Formally: A Soft Apocalypse ]

Howard B. Johnson Jr.