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Artwork: Past Projects

                            Drawings: Enpychophilia: Hexsexus Series, selected images: 2004-2009

        A more POP culture oriented approach to Visionary Art; a sort of unconventional  metaphysics with a ironic 

     portrayal of world imagery, U.F.O.s, Grail Mythology, alternative religions, Paganism, Eastern thought,  Kabala,    

        All Mediums are: Prismacolor, ink, graphite and various papers, collage on discarded Vellum architectural plans


Paintings: Humutation Series, Faux Cubism, selected images; 2009-2013

       Figurative Abstractions: Funky faces and quirky distortions using just the human figure. Painting  is thick

    and textured.         

    All work is mainly Acrylic paint and Gel with  mixed media and  collage on staged Ampersand prepared board.



                           Drawings: Alien Dispensation: The Cubistizoid, selected images: 2013 - 2018

      Dispensationalism is based on the evangelical teachings  of John Nelson Darby [1800-1820] which is a futurist         Biblical interpretation that understands God to have related to human beings in different ways under different            Biblical covenants in a series of "dispensations" or periods in history
      The Theology of Dispensationalism consists of a distinctive eschatological end times perspective in which                 Revelations become of prominent focus rather than the Bible in general.
   This Project is that the Bible is based on "The Theory of Intelligent Design," as being it a document of 

   civilization on Earth being an Alien creation rather than that of the Divine. Major historical events, cultural                progress, scientific accomplishments etc. are the product of extraterrestrial intervention. Enlightened Entities host 

   humans for a purpose of change during crisis or need. Each act becomes  a Dispensation.     
      Many cultures have designated end times as the year 2012. Sir Isaac Newton recalculated the bible codes and

   came up with the date of 2060 as end times. Others consider It a new beginning rather than a finality; a  planer

   shift to a higher level of existence.The cycle then resets.

      I have included Iconic celebrities, living and dead, also imaginary portraits and events whom have become in

   Messianic as in the concept “Alien on Earth”, and “the Eternal Man” meaning that many historical figures may be

   one in the same  living  forever  or are reborn [Gilgamesh, St. Germain].


      Various papers, book pages and graphic items selected by content [philosophy, science, mathematics, common       print etc.] are adhered to .75" staged, bordered, Ampersand Board then drawn into with various hardstick media.       The finished product is then permanently sealed  with coats of matte acrylic and can be displayed, mounted as is.