New Work: 2018- Till ?

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 New Work 2023:   

   Small untitled B&W personal fantasy drawings : Graphite on Graph   paper mounted on 12"x12"x.5" board  permanently sealed with acrylic gel


                                                                                                  2018 -

Selected Images
Techno-Hebel  [Hebel appears 38 times in Ecclesiastes: translations range anywhere fro God's Breath to fraud]

  The quest for eternal life once the product of  Archaic Texts written by Priests, Magicians and Alchemists was a product of Religions, Grimoires, Grail Myth,  the Philosophers Stone and creation of the Homunculus: Modern concepts rely on Evolution and Bio-Science.  First mentioned in Ancient Aliens and Si-Fi  natural Evolution has reached it’s peak and will advance only through A.I. and Trans-humanism: Religion replaced by a Technological Messiah
  Every object living or non  could achieve a some state of life:  physical  form, memory and personality could be manipulated through the combinations of phenotype and genome. A appliance could have human qualities , a human would be mechanically enhanced. The species will become an edited  kit , immortally  achieved through  continuous self resurrection: sexual reproduction  obsolete

Process / Influences  
   Content is influenced by Quantum, Hi-Tech and Medical Theories, UFO’s, Grail Myth, Medieval Alchemical charts, World Regions, Metaphysical, Qutsider, Contemporary Art and Culture.
   Composition is complex with multi-faceted references, each feature of the work becomes a vignette of interest; all equally rendered so as there are no lax spots in the finished piece. An element of intended goofiness, whimsy and wit runs throughout the composition.
   Tittles are arduous and so much a part of concept that they are included in larger pieces. 

   Off white Pastel Paper is glue mounted on Ampersand staged board, then drawn onto using  drafting tools and various hard stick media. the finished product is then permanently sealed with with coats matte acrylic and can be displayed, mounted as is.