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Projects generously funded by Grants from the Massachusetts Council


Howard Johnson
Mobile: [508] 422-6522

Hudson, Massachusetts U.S.A.

                                                                          Howard Johnson

                                                            Born 1950: Lives in Hudson, Ma. U.S.A.

My Art Career started  with a nanosecond of inspiration: a Grinning Cheshire Cat-like metaphysical image  like those  

     advertisements in the back of 60's comic books for an ersatz art school: Draw Me !advertisements in the back of 60's comic         books for an ersatz art school: Draw Me !      
       This moment developed into an obsession: a seven day a week quest to capture this shape shifting apparition.  My references
     became the history of the Holy Grail and the Ancient Hebrew Tetragrammaton represented by I.H.V.H. or the unpronounceable  

     name of Creation.

        My main focus is an imaginary world view; a darkly  humorous amalgam of mythic images re-interpreted as Pop Culture.

     Animation becomes a form of primitiveness representing the lifestyle of a era.  Periods of time and historical events are blended 

     occur simultaneously.  An element of intended  goofiness, whimsy  and  wit runs throughout the image subject.  
        Content is influenced by the Surrealist Era of  Picasso, Max Ernst,  Picabia and contemporaries such as Jim Nutt. Peter Saul,    

     George Condo, Philip Guston and others of that genre.  Each facet of The Work becomes a center of interest; all equally    
     rendered so as there are no lax  spots in the finished piece